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Identity / Logo Design Header Plantronics Icon - Graphic Regime



Step 1 : Research of industry, audience, product and competition in order to best gauge the marketplace so that our solutions are on target and unique.


Step 2 : Brainstorming & sketching away from the computer, freeing ourselves from the limits of technology.


Step 3 : Digital design of (3) distinct concepts, presenting first in black and white, refining chosen logo in color and producing various file types for print / web.


It’s our job as designers to help our clients’ products and?services succeed. Logos are the distillation of their core communication, telling the world who they are and what they believe. It’s the most intricate and at the same time, the most basic representation of a brand, wrapping up an entire business within a single, seemingly simple mark. Nike is the epitome of a successful identity where a tiny “swoosh” is internationally recognizable. You can’t help but think “Just Do It.”

Humans have identified with symbols and letters for thousands of years. Now we’re facing a major transition in media with the amount of daily visual input we take in thanks to the internet and everything mobile. Logo design needs to adapt. No longer are static, single-color identities as relevant to our complex, evolving environment that’s moving faster every day.

Logo Design??//??Branding

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Another Bike Shop ABS Star Wars mountain bike apparel previous button - Graphic Regime
Plantronics gaming headphones Santa Cruz next button - Graphic Regime


It looks like you might have a project in mind. When you call you’ll?reach Chris, the?principal designer who will review branding and graphic design?needs with you and set up an initial meeting to learn more.?Whenever possible?it’s helpful to kick things off with a?face to face meeting?to steer things in the right direction from the beginning. Give a call or shoot an email over today. We’re always excited?to?work with new clients looking for creative solutions to marketing needs.

Graphic Regime Logo Icon Chris Mark Creative Director Santa Cruz