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Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms organic grassfed dairy agriculture - Graphic Regime

Alexandre Family Ecodairy Farms


Agriculture, Farming, Food & beverage, Dairy


Logo design, Website development

Project Goals

Elevate the existing family farm identity and marketing pieces to match their recent product?placement?national retail locations like Costco and Whole Foods.


Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms?are certified organic grass-based producers in northern California. They have?five generations of experience creating nutrient dense, whole foods as nature intended.?Owner, Blake Alexandre says, “We think it’s a simple truth – the earth’s most delicious, most healthy foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature.

Recently, Whole Foods and Costco adopted their organic milk, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and?pork.?With the?expansion into the national retail market, they needed a refresh to match increased?consumer product exposure. Our?challenge was?to?retain existing brand recognition while dramatically improving the overall visual aesthetic.

Identity??//??Logo Update / Refinement

Initially?we planned for a more thorough logo revamp,?but realized the?family was?partial to?their existing?logo. Retaining the main?watercolor artwork was a must, so we focused our efforts on containing the imagery and improving the typography. The project was a good lesson in?listening to the client’s needs instead of forcing our own agenda.

The previous logo is displayed first.?Following is the updated version along with the design iteration process.

Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms original logo
Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms organic dairy logo concept - Graphic Regime
Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms organic dairy logo design - Graphic Regime
Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms organic dairy logo
Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms organic dairy eggs chicken icon - Graphic Regime

Website??//??Before and After

Pictured first is the company’s previous?site,?built?prior to the adoption of mobile. It shows its age with regard to layout and design and lacks the visual punch necessary to set the?organic farm apart from others on the shelves of stores like Whole Foods and Costco.

Alexandre EcoDairy Farms - previous website home page
UC Santa Cruz UCSC previous button - Graphic Regime
GS Medical USA next button - Graphic Regime


It looks like you might have a project in mind. When you call you’ll?reach Chris, the?principal designer who will review branding and graphic design?needs with you and set up an initial meeting to learn more.?Whenever possible?it’s helpful to kick things off with a?face to face meeting?to steer things in the right direction from the beginning. Give a call or shoot an email over today. We’re always excited?to?work with new clients looking for creative solutions to marketing needs.

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